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Monday, September 1, 2014


Dana picks up an Owner Handler group 3 and 4 at the Nango Shows in NY



Lodi earns Junior leg number three!


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Monday, August 18, 2014

Show News

8/6- 8/8 Dana pickes up 3 more Grand Points at the Ballston Spa Shows in NY

8/9- 8/10 Reilly goes Best of Breed two days for 2 points!

Reilly earns her CGC and TDI titles She is now Skywatcher's Dee Liver Me To SoftMaple GCG TDI

Dana earns her TDI title. She is now U-CH CH SoftMaple's Sexy And I Know It CGC, BN, RN, WC, CGN, TDI

 Hickories Cluster Shows, Dana pickes up 4 more grand points, as well as an Owner handled Group 3 and Owner Handled Group 4! 

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Sunday, July 27, 2014


July 27th CH Softmaple Green River CGC DJ Lodi becomes the first AKC Dock Diving Titled CCR!



Lodi earns his second Junior Leg!

July 20th Dana Finishes her UKC Championship with a Gun Dog Group First!

U-CH CH SoftMaple's Sexy And I Know It WC, RN, BN, CGC


July 19th UKC show Reilly is BOB and a Gun Dog Group Three!


Skywatcher Dee Liver Me To SoftMaple


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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CCRCA Hunt Test
Great weekend at the CCRCA Hunt Test

On Saturday Dana and Emmett both earned Junior Legs
CH SoftMaple's Sexy And I Know It WC, CGC, RN, BN, CGN and his daughter
GrCh. Softmaple's Stand and Be Liver at Flyway NAP, CAT, NFP, TG-N, TN-N, WCX, JH

On Sunday Emmett earned his Junior Hunter title!

GrCh. Softmaple's Stand and Be Liver at Flyway NAP, CAT, NFP, TG-N, TN-N, WCX, JH

His Son Lodi earned his first Junior Pass! Way to go Natalie and Lodi!

Ch Softmaple Green River WC CGC

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Monday, June 16, 2014

UKC Premier

UKC Premier show Kalamazoo MI

Dana went to the UKC Premier with her Co-Owner Eva, and they apparently had a blast!

10392442_843451992351523_1642047954522405055_n (1)10312675_843455422351180_2106511758383305146_n

In just two days, Eva and Dana got two Rally passes, 2 Lure coursing passes, two Dock Diving Splash-something-or-others, and were best female in conformation on day one, and then Best of Breed over a couple of Grand Champions on day two!
I don't know what that all means in UKC points--except we need to find other UKC events to attend now to finish off those partial titles!

And also Huge Congratulations to Wanda and Lance!

SoftMaple Gunflint Typhoon at Hntrbay WC, CAT on his lure coursing title and dock jumping title at the UKC Premiere show!

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Rosie earns her ATChC
Agility Trial Champion of Canada!
Rosie is the first Female CCR to earn this title! 
Gabby Passes the WCQ at the National!
Stella passes the WCX at the National!

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CH Soft Maple's O' Dark Thirty JH, SH, MH, WC, WCX, WCQ, CD, CGC, RN, TT, HOF, ROM CR-CA177/89M/C-PI-ECHO, CR-685, CR-536G27M-T, CHIC # 26259 GSDIIIa and EIC Clear

Jet is the first Master Hunter in the breed with an AKC Championship. Winner of the CCRCA annual Field Trophy
Jet is awarded the 2010 OFA Champion of Health Award! 


SoftMaple Curlies
8282 Soft Maple Road
Croghan NY 13327
(315) 346-6608

We at SoftMaple have been active in showing and breeding pure bred dogs since 1979. Active in Curly Coated Retrievers since 1993. We do not earn our income from the sale our puppies. For me raising a litter is a very rewarding, time consuming and expensive passion. We are breeding for healthy, sound, highly trainable, versatile dogs without compromising the correct structure and breed type set out in the standard.

SoftMaple bred and or owned Curlies hold over 200 titles to date in conformation, field, obedience and agility, with over 20 group placements. Most SoftMaple dogs go to loving companion homes, or to personal hunting homes and are never shown. Titles do not make the dog, nor do they make a dog great. We are more interested in producing healthy, cherished companions, than having our primary goal to put letters before a dog's name.

Early puppy stimulation, as well as continued puppy socialization are key in our breeding program. We stress temperament and health. Our dogs are family companions, first and foremost. We are only interested in finding homes for our puppies in which potential owners are genuinely committed to loving a Curly for its life-time, be it a pet, show, or hunting companion.
Often times I will lease a bitch for a breeding. This is a good way to expand or diversify bloodlines. Sometimes a breeder falls into the trap of only breeding what they have in their own backyard. The same bitch to the same stud over and over, creating puppies, but not expanding the gene pool. A breeder may become kennel blind, thinking the dog they have currently is the one to put in the whelping box, even if she is not the best choice for the breed as a whole.


We as breeders are caretakers of the future of the Curly Coated Retriever. Breeding just to fill a demand for puppies can damage a breed for years to come. Not all dogs are worthy of being bred. Having a Championship title is not a good enough reason to breed a dog. There are many judgment calls that a breeder has to make according to their own conscience. There is no perfect dog, and unfortunately, no perfect breeders!

Breeding dogs is a labor of love. Their health and well-being is of primary importance. We check Hips (OFA, or foreign country of origin hip score equivalent) Eyes (CERF)and Cardiac (OFA). Puppies come with a contract covering replacement of puppies that do not OFA, do not CERF, or do not pass Cardiac testing.

Since a dog is a living creature, we can not guarantee that the dog will not have any problems. We do our best to check the health history of the parents, grandparents and siblings. We study pedigrees and dogs to help make informed breeding decisions. No one has yet bred the perfect dog. We will stand behind our dogs if there is a problem.

The pups are raised in the home. We use the Bio Sensor method of early puppy stimulation. We temperament test our puppies at 7 weeks of age. As we know the personalities of the puppies better than anyone having lived wiht them since birh, we try to match each puppy with the appropriate family for its needs. Every pup that leaves SoftMaple goes with the condition that if for any reason you cannot keep the dog I will always take it back, for whatever reason.

A curly is not for everyone. They are a strong willed, challenging, intelligent dog. We screen our prospective puppy buyers. Your not just buying a dog from SoftMaple, your joining a family. We ask you questions, and strongly encourage you to ask us questions. Anyone looking to add a Curly to their home shouldn't stop at just contacting one breeder. We encourage you to talk to as many breeders as you can.


CH SoftMaple's Dark Star WC, JH, CGC, CD,  CDX, WCX
2006 CCRCA National Specialty Best In Sweepstakes
Supported event, WB/Best of Winners
Gabby earns her CDX in 2010!
Gabby earns an AOM at the 2011 Eukanuba National Championship Show! 


CH SoftMaple's Pheasant Dreams CGC, WC, RA, JH, ROM, UWC
2004 #3 CCR in All Breed Rankings, and #1 CCR bitch for the year.
1 Group First
1 Group Second
1 Group Third
National Specialty WB/BOW. 2 X National AOW



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